VASE Management President and Idea Generator Vincencia Adusei shares about why the New Haven-based construction management and real estate development company joined the Hartford Chamber of Commerce.

Why did VASE Management become a Hartford Chamber member?

VINCENCIA ADUSEI: VASE Management joined the Hartford Chamber when we developed a historic apartment building at 94-96 Edwards Street in Hartford in May 2021. As we completed the project, the Chamber was very instrumental in helping us reach out to the city and organizing the grand opening for our building.

Why did you choose to develop this property in Hartford?

VINCENCIA: I love historic properties so, as a developer, when that building became available, I was very excited about it. The building was built in 1865 and had been vacant, from what I’ve been told, for more than 80 years. It was nice to renovate it, put it back into its original condition, and help beautify that neighborhood.

I’ve worked on some other projects in Hartford. I love Hartford because it’s the capital city and it’s a great town to be in. I like cities with buildings that stand out and have certain uniqueness to them, and in Hartford, that building on Edwards Street had that uniqueness to it.

What makes the neighborhood unique?

VINCENCIA: Hartford’s Clay Hill neighborhood is a historic neighborhood with a lot of historical features to it. That’s why I fell in love with that particular property. I also love that it’s very close to downtown and the highways.

In terms of your Chamber membership, what do you enjoy most about the connection with other business owners in the Hartford Region?

VINCENCIA: It’s been great. When we did that project on Edwards Street, we worked with a number of Hartford-based businesses, including Hartford Community Loan Fund, which helped fund the development project, and what I enjoyed is that everything is local.

I’m a big fan of keeping things local. If VASE Management is working on a development in Hartford, it helps create jobs and opportunities. That’s what I love about Hartford. I can work with the businesses, the individuals, and even the city and those who are related. When we had our grand opening, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and representatives from the city and and the Hartford Chamber   showed up to support us. It’s good knowing we have that support because we plan on doing more in Hartford.

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