The much-anticipated Parkville Market officially opened May 20—with a different outcome then Director of Operations Chelsea Mouta originally anticipated. Safety measures are in place to adhere to state and CDC guidelines in terms of social distancing and sanitation.

MetroHartford Alliance Content Manager Nan Price visited the Market and spoke with Chelsea about the opening process.

“Today looks different than we thought our first week would look three months ago,” admits Chelsea.

“When I stop and think about it, I’m proud that we were planning on opening just before COVID-19 and we still made it happen,” she adds. “We had the space ready to go and we weren’t going to let this stop us. Every business, large or small, is finding a way to forge ahead and, for us, not opening was not an option.”

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Photo: Parkville Market Director of Operations Chelsea Mouta (holding her mask!) showcases outdoor dining tables at the Market.