MofonGo serves up authentic Puerto Rican and American cuisine with locations in Hartford and New Britain, and Windsor. A much-loved contributor to Hartford’s food scene, the MofonGo Hartford location is at Parkville Market. MonfonGo was also the signature restaurant featured at the October 10 Picnic in the Park.

Owner Vincent Placeres told the Hartford Chamber of Commerce what he most enjoys about having a business in Hartford.

Tell us about your involvement in the Hartford community – and the impact you’re making here. 

VINCENT PLACERES: During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mofongo was really involved in the Hartford and New Britain community by donating meals to hospitals and nursing homes that were hit the hardest. We gave out more than 7,000 meals during the start of the pandemic. We also helped donate meals to the homeless.

Why Hartford?

VINCENT: Hartford has a huge demographic mixed of Latin and Puerto Rican. It made perfect sense to put a MofonGo there. There are also great organizations and companies that started in Hartford.

Where do you see the future of Hartford?

VINCENT: Hartford is a great city that never gives up. I see a good track record of growth and new businesses coming back to downtown.

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