Story and Soil Coffee opened its doors on Capital Avenue in Hartford in July 27, 2017. With regard to location, Founder Michael Acosta says, “It just made sense. If a coffee shop is going to go anywhere within Frog Hollow, it’s going to go here.”

Sarah McCoy, one of three partners including Michael McCoy, approached Michael at a local farmer’s market and introduced the idea of the space on Capital Avenue. “The building owners were interested in seeing a coffee shop come in because they knew the value it would add to the neighborhood,” Michael notes.

“I saw an opportunity and jumped on it,” says Michael. “I went with my gut feeling. I think I had enough passion combined with the experience I have within the coffee industry, so that gut feeling was an interesting intuition.”

He adds, “It felt right. And it was something where I knew I could make a difference. There’s an opportunity here. We’re all anticipating the momentum that’s already been happening within the whole food scene in Hartford.”

One of Michael’s goals is to have Story and Soil be a staple within the neighborhood.

“We want to offer something unique—whether that’s with experience or by curating a space that’s welcoming,” he says. “What makes Story and Soil different is the approach we’re taking—we want to reflect the community we are in. We want to do more than just serve a cup of coffee. We want to be able to connect people and make an impact through media and events and by bringing people together.”

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