Workonex Founder Richard Pummel spoke to the Hartford Chamber of Commerce about the company’s innovative app.

What is Workonex?

RICHARD: Workonnex is a tool that provides companies with real-time insight into employee sentiment about their job, the company and its culture, and facilitates meaningful coaching from leadership. Workonnex also provides data on employee well-being and identifies if they are at risk of stress, anxiety, and burnout.

How Does It Work?

RICHARD: Through an engaging app on their phone (that requires no download), employees provide ongoing feedback and receive points for participation. This data provides real-time insights as to how communication is occurring within the organization and is displayed on easy-to-read dashboards allowing trends and issues to be readily identified.

In what ways is your company helping during the pandemic?

RICHARD: To provide companies with a tool that can help support employees through these difficult times, Workonnex is offering our software free until September 1. Visit to learn more about about our software.