The Conference of Churches Board of Directors announces that Rev. Lydell Brown has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the Conference of Churches (TCC) and its social enterprise, The 224 EcoSpace. Rev. Lydell served as Chief Operations Officer for more than 20 years and has played a pivotal role in expanding the organization’s mission to create a positive impact, build social and economic profit, and foster a thriving community.

Rev. Lydell and former CEO and President Rev. Dr. Shelley Best spearheaded the creation of The 224 EcoSpace as an extension of the TCC. Through their efforts, The 224, which promotes well-being and creative entrepreneurship, has become a place where “changemakers work, create, and lead.”

“I am completely humbled to be standing on the shoulders of those who have held this position in the 100-plus year history…and motivated as the first African American man to do so,” noted Rev. Lydell. “ I’ve always been a social justice driven person. We win together, and we learn together, while promoting change. I will use this same mindset while partnering with staff and the community. You don’t have to be the sharpest or brightest crayon, but you can still make a mark.”

What’s next for the TCC and The 224? The plan is to be even more inclusive, accessible, and radical in their approach to hospitality. The organizations will engage with faith houses, business communities, entrepreneurs, and individuals for opportunities in technical assistance, business startups, dance space rentals, and innovative programming that achieves their mission. Lastly, they will forge ahead to become a cutting-edge premiere arts space for artists of color.

“Lydell is a natural leader and has been an integral member of this organization for some time. He’s the right person to help us expand on this promise to the surrounding community, to help innovators, changemakers, visionaries, and creative entrepreneurs build, launch, and scale their business here,” emphasized Board Chair Mary Crean.

About The 224 EcoSpace:
The Conference of Churches is the parent organization of The 224. Centrally located within the Asylum Hill neighborhood, The 224 EcoSpace has an opportunity to further support the needs of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Within the 30,000 sq feet of space, there are endless possibilities for increased community engagement, artistic performances, and the expansion of social and economic growth. The 224 EcoSpace is a gathering place for creatives; the underserved; thought leaders; social and business entrepreneurs and those in search of health and wellness.

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