Smile Studio Dentistry, LLC is a dental office that caters to downtown professionals and Hartford residents. Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) Kareen Wilson told the Hartford Chamber of Commerce why the practice wanted to become Chamber members and what she enjoys most about working in Hartford.

Why did you join the Hartford Chamber of Commerce?

KAREEN WILSON: We believe in networking and joining our society in building a strong community. The Hartford Chamber of Commerce is a great place to connect with other small businesses and learn what they need to be successful in the city.

Why Hartford?

KAREEN: We have seen how Hartford has grown so much over the years. Even though we live in the suburbs, we found ourselves doing more in Hartford. We know it’s a thriving and developing downtown and we desire to be a part of it.

Our business looks out onto Bushnell Park and it’s beautiful! The location is perfect! The dental office is close to business offices, residential addresses, and restaurants. We can serve many people all around us.

Tell us about the neighborhood and what makes it unique.

KAREEN WILSON: The dental office is located in the Bushnell Tower, which is a national historic residential building with views of Bushnell Park and the Connecticut River. It’s a peaceful and central location.

What is the best thing about working in Hartford?

KAREEN WILSON: The best thing is the central location. Hartford is a wonderful city for walking, and it has a lot of history. The city has many restaurants, museums, and theatres. Hartford has it all. I’m looking forward to growing with the city!

Photo: Dr. Bryan Wilson and Dr. Arfassa Gullo.

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