Hartford-based Lexington Partners, LLC is a commercial real estate firm specializing in apartment development, property management, and real estate finance. Property Manager Amanda Giacco told the Hartford Chamber of Commerce what she enjoys most about Hartford.

Why did you join the Hartford Chamber of Commerce?

AMANDA GIACCO: I joined the Hartford Chamber of Commerce to become more in tune with what’s going on around the city of Hartford. I’m also hoping to network with other people in the area with the hopes of exchanging ideas and business.

Why Hartford?

AMANDA: I work at the Lofts at Main and Temple. We are located in the former Sage-Allen Building and we’re excited to announce that our property will soon be renamed the Sage Allen Apartments. Hartford is up-and-coming and we look forward to being part of the new, thriving downtown area.

Tell us about the neighborhood and what makes it unique.

AMANDA: We’re located directly across from Pratt Street, which is one of the most unique areas in Hartford because of the pedestrian-only shutdowns that happen seasonally. The brick paved street is blocked off for pedestrians only and dining takes place in the middle of the street. This type of dining experience takes on a very New York vibe. The ambiance, live entertainment, and vendors bring even more flair and excitement to the area. It’s really a hidden gem of Hartford and we look forward to the secret being let out and having more people come visit the area.

What is the best thing about working in Hartford?

AMANDA: Working in Hartford is fun and exciting because it’s ever-changing. There are always plans to revamp, change, or expand the already awesome structures and areas. It is nice to have all your needs within walking distance. I feel that living in Hartford gives people the feeling of New York City living without the high prices.

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