Hello Consulting Founder Robin Zaleski deliberately chose Hartford as her home when she moved from Litchfield County 16 years ago. She says she’s glad to see Hartford Chamber of Commerce revitalized. Robin took advantage of the Chamber’s Better Together Membership and notes, “The timing couldn’t be  better. During the pandemic people want to support small businesses more than ever.”

What does Robin enjoy most about living and working in Hartford?

“There’s so much going on here and there’s room for everybody—both in business and in the arts. Basing my business in Hartford is like my opportunity to help grow Hartford and share the message of Hartford,” she says. “Part of the beauty of Hartford is it’s a small city with so many people who are truly invested professionally, financially, and mentally in making Hartford better. There are so many talented people here. I feel like we’re all here to help Hartford grow.”

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Photo courtesy Bill Morgan Media