Wildmint Media Founder and Creative Director Rachael Gasperini told the Hartford Chamber of Commerce what she most enjoys about living and working in Hartford.

What makes your business unique? What should people know about Wildmint Media?

RACHAEL GASPERINI: Many businesses make the mistake of subscribing to the standards of their industry, which leads to acceptable but not spectacular products, branding, etc. So, we’ve made it our mission to help our clients stand out in their respective industries through our creative work.

My partner, Jeremy, and I believe marketing shouldn’t feel like marketing to the people it’s reaching. Instead, it should feel like entertainment. We have a flair for uncovering what makes our clients’ businesses truly special and, with that knowledge, we create logos and brand identities, videos, websites, and other content that showcase their businesses in an entertaining and refreshing way.

Besides being business partners, we are a recently married wife and husband team that loves what we do and keeps a sense of humor. We carefully pick the other creative people in our agency to fit our fresh vibe and our clients’ specific needs. Every business has its unique creative needs. Wildmint Media is a full-service creative agency but being small and nimble enables us to tailor our services to what each client needs. And we make sure everyone has fun along the way.

Why Hartford?

RACHAEL: I grew up in the Greater Hartford area and gravitated to Hartford a decade ago because of the culture and diversity here. I’ve always been an advocate for Hartford in my personal life and when I decided to start a marketing company in 2016, there was nowhere else I’d consider. There are so many wonderful businesses in and near Hartford, so the local opportunities are great for us. We currently live in the West End and love that we live and work in Hartford. With more of everything shifting to virtual, the community connection is invaluable.

Where do you see the future of Hartford?

RACHAEL: I think we’ll see Hartford grow in new directions in the coming years. With the convergence of diverse voices here and new startups and projects continuously popping up, there’s so much potential. The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many to the benefits of living in a smaller city like Hartford, so the influx of new people will also help to shape Hartford’s fresh future.

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